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    New Life Christian Centre / Small Business Chaplaincy

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Very quick logo I created for Small Business Chaplaincy (SBC), an initiative of New Life Christian Centre. I used the typeface Antiqua, which was designed in 1985 by Prof. Hermann Zapf from the foundry URW++. It was designed to go with another typeface called Grotesk, and was originally created for a German publishing house as a newspaper type, even though they dropped the project and never used it. Zapf decided to finish creating the fonts, with his intention for them to be “two highly legible, open and classical fonts that could be used for any kind of typography, especially books, newspapers, magazines, etc”. I liked it because it had a nice formal business look and was still easy to read at small sizes.

I played around with a few ways of representing the logo, but decided to put the initials together in a circle as the best way of displaying it and bringing a bit of interest.

I don’t think I did any manual kerning on the lettering, but I did reduce the tracking by -25 and the horizontal scale by 10%. The auto kerning was good enough on this font. However I did use specific spacing and alignment for the letters inside the circle. I also used guides and Illustrator’s align tools to align everything evenly and pleasantly. For the colour, I just used one of Illustrator’s default blues.

Design & Copyright Info

  • Typeface: Antiqua licensed by Ultimate Font Download
  • Colours: Denim – #1b75bb, White – #ffffff
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Logo type: Wordmark, Letterform, Emblem


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