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I finally got around to creating my business card! Actually, I’ve designed my business card several times but never got it printed. This time around I really needed to get it done so I designed and ordered my cards on Moo.com. I didn’t use my former designs because my tastes have changed over time, and I’ve gotten better at design. I also designed it for Moo’s printing specifications. As I’ve discovered, they use the European-standard size for business cards – that made it quite hard to find a mockup to display my card.

As they allow you to upload multiple versions of your business card, I chose 5 different colours to make 5 different business cards. I want to ask people when I hand them out what colour they prefer, which might make it a slightly more memorable experience. Also, I will probably only get these printed once before I design something new, so they will be limited edition cards. My main logo colour is turquoise, but I chose 4 more colours. I kinda wanted a pastel rainbow thing happening. I really love colours, although I didn’t want to go too bright for this as I wanted it to fit well with what I already have.

I chose to get it printed on 100% recycled paper to be eco-friendly. They should be arriving early next month.

Design & Copyright Info

  • Typeface: Custom & Bebas Neue
  • Colours: Pantone 3285 C – #009482 – Dark CyanPantone 680 C – #cd94b4 – ViolaPantone 2655 C – #9778d3 – AmethystPantone 7403 C – #f2d383 – BuffPantone 7451 C – #8aa9e2 – Jordy Blue
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator
  • Mockup Template: Realistic Business Card Mockup by GraphicBurger (free for commercial use)
  • Printing: Moo.com/au
  • Paper Stock: Green Business Cards – 352gsm, uncoated, smooth white paper. FSC certified and produced using wind-power. 100% recycled fibre, 100% chlorine free, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Dimensions: 84 mm x 55 mm / 3.30″ x 2.16″ (MOO size / European size)
  • Designer: Heidi Helen Pilypas of Heidi Helen Creative


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