App Consultancy

Giving feedback on apps is something I love to do and am particularly good at. If you would like to hire me as a consultant on your app, please get in touch using my contact form or contact me on Twitter.


Poster App Icon, a white P on a blue circle with a silver outline

Poster Mac Menu Bar App

Delivering tangible inspirations as soon as you need to through wallpaper.

I invited Heidi to test Poster, my menu bar Mac app for finding inspiring wallpapers. She was totally helpful from the beginning, surprising me with her awesome insights about details and the future of the app. I could say that she is truly an innovator. Having her alongside this journey has made me dream bigger. Evolving small things to make them grow would never be an easy task, but she made it possible in a fun and meaningful way. She rocks!

—Wilbert Liu, Founder

Tiki App Icon, a decorative white letter "T" on a yellow background

Tiki iOS App

Tiki is a safe and easy way to make new connections.

Heidi is both a competent and extremely enthusiastic evaluator of mobile apps. She goes through the UX/UI in minute detail that allowed me to understand the user pain points in better detail – and take corrective action to ensure our app becomes a success. Heidi is a fantastic communicator, and I would implore anyone who is starting an app to have her run through it and give her thoughts – certainly helped me and the team at Tiki!

—Harris Karim, CFO

Goodshows app icon, showing a yellow film reel glyph on a black background

Goodshows iOS App

Discover movies and TV shows with friends.

Heidi is one of the best users we got during our beta testing. She has an incredible eye for detail, understanding UX/UI, and gave us some excellent ideas to improve our app. These ideas greatly helped us to lessen the gap in UX, making our app much more viable for our users.

Heidi is also very enthusiastic, clear, concise, and an excellent evaluator. You must have her in your app’s early access, to give her thoughts.

—Siddarth Chaturvedi, Founder

TeekTak icon, a clock with a rectangular shape with a subtle gradient from aqua to green and a white handle, over a black background.

TeekTak Web App

An easier way to track your projects.

When we had our first beta version launched, Heidi was very knowledgeable and gave us A LOT of awesome feedback that helped us improve the user flows and features. They say it only takes 5 real good users to test and reveal most of 85% of your application experience issues, and I would definitely have Heidi be one of that group!

I would recommend Heidi to any startup out there, that needs an application experience audit, regardless of the platform web or native mobile, as she’ll have some amazing and valuable feedback to give you.

—Adrian Sule, Founder & UX Designer

Updated: 11th of September 2018 at 3:07am