Questionnaire – Logo

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire for your LOGO design. It helps give us a better idea of what you want so we can meet your needs, requirements and expectations. This saves a lot of time later so we don't have to go back and change anything because of a misunderstanding or because we assumed something. It also provides us with your details so we can get back to you and send you any correspondence. We store your details safely, will never spam you, and never disclose confidential information to a third-party, unless it is necessary for a project, in which case we will obtain your permission first.

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1. What is the exact name, as you want it to appear, for your logo?*
2. Have you officially registered this name?*
3. Tell us about the name, for example how it came about and its meaning.*
4. There are many factors that make up a good name for your brand, including whether that name is available or appropriate; and whether it communicates your brand's personality, position, objectives and values. Are you willing for us to give some feedback on your name and make suggestions if necessary?
5. Do you want a slogan / tagline incorporated in your logo? If yes, include here. If no, leave blank.

A slogan / tagline is a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
6. Do you have a motto for your business / organisation? If yes, include here. If no, leave blank.

A motto is a phrase or quote that is representative of your ideals and values.
7. Do you have a mission statement for your business/organisation? If yes, include here. If no, leave blank.

A mission statement is a formal summary of values and goals that clearly outlines what you want to do.
8. When it comes to decision-making regarding the logo describe whether it is just you, you and a partner, a committee/board, and/or whether it will ultimately have to be approved by someone with more authority.
9. Is this the first logo to represent your brand, or is it a rebrand?
10. When did you / or will you officially start / become established / open?
11. What does your business, organisation or product do?*
12. Who is your target audience?*
13. Who are 3 of your competitors (or similar businesses / organisations)?*

14. What type of logo would you like explored for your design? (Select as many as you want).*

Word Mark – your business name in a stylised type / font.
Logo Types - Word Mark

Pictorial Mark – an image or shape that is easily recognisable is used to represent your business.
Logo Types - Pictorial Mark

Abstract Mark – an abstract shape or symbol is used to convey your business values.
Logo Types - Abstract Mark

Letter Form – letters / initials from your business name are used to create a logo.
Logo Types - Letter Form

Emblem – your business name is enveloped by a pictorial element or shape.
Logo Types - Emblem

Character – a character or mascot is used to represent your business.
Logo Types - Character

Web 2.0 – is representative of trends from the internet including rounded corners, gradients etc.
Logo Types - Web 2.0

15. What value in each line would you choose to best describe your business?

16. Do you have any specific colours in mind?
17. Do you have any specific symbols / elements / emblems in mind?
18. Is there anything else you would like to share with us relevant to your design?
19. Optional. Upload any examples of what you would like here or what you have used before, including personal drawings. Filetypes accepted include: jpg, png, pdf, eps, ai, svg, gif, and tif.

Note. This is only for us to use as a reference. To follow legal requirements, we do not copy other people's work. Additionally, when it comes to your ideas, we would like to acknowledge them and try to incorporate them if possible. However, as experts in what we do we will always give you our recommendation on what we believe is best. Sometimes we may be able to use your idea and sometimes not, in which case we would certainly let you know why and suggest alternatives.

20. Where did you hear about us?* (Press CTRL to select more than one).

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