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I recently designed some promotional material for “Reach”, a forum on local church mission, featuring Dr Barry Chant, and sponsored by the Noarlunga Ministers Fellowship. It was held at Hackham Family Baptist Church on the 14th of June and promoted to congregations from Adelaide’s southern suburbs. I created a 2-sided A5 flyer, tickets, and some promotional designs for the New Life Christian Centre website and Facebook page.

It was nice seeing my work in effect. To create something which people use, touch and experience is a great feeling for a designer (i.e. the tickets that were handed over as they entered the event). It was also great meeting the doctor, who I’d had an email exchange with regarding photos for the design, prior. He is quite a well-known man & minister, and it was an honour to be there and be involved in this project.

Because the individual churches involved printed the flyers and tickets themselves, the presentation was a bit out of my control. Ideally, the material would have been trimmed to have no white edge, but that would have required a lot of work and effort with a guillotine. Perhaps, it’s something I could adjust next time when I set up the document. I designed the document so 6 tickets fit on 1 page, and it’s a lot of cuts per page when you have a high volume to produce. I have to find out what a professional printer does and how I’d go about setting up something like this in the future.

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