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    Glenn Sequeira

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Glenn sent me an email saying he loved the mojis I had been doing for myself, Ish and Tom. And asked if I would be open to doing one for him, to which I responded I was honoured and would love to. I usually rely on hairstyles and facial hair to really distinguish my male moji characters, but Glenn had neither. So, this one was a little bit of a challenge. Glenn did have a prominent birthmark on his forehead though, which I decided to include. I usually keep the same shape face, but decided to extend it a bit on the top for Glennmoji so the head didn’t look too flat. I also added in some lines to the face which I felt made up Glenn’s features and added a slight shadow where facial hair would be. I gave the character wider shoulders because Glenn’s were very broad. I also made all the outfits of clothing he was wearing in the reference photos because clothing is another good way of really making a character look more like the person they represent.

Reference Photos

Glenn SequeiraGlenn Sequeira

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  • Tools: Sketch and Adobe Illustator

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