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I designed some Christmas cards for my clients, friends and family in 2013. I utilised the flat design trend and my logo colour in the design. For the typeface on the front I used Giddyup Std by Adobe. I loved the gorgeous little star over the ‘i’ and thought it was perfect for my Christmas theme. I also liked it was a simple, clean, readable script. I had access to it through my Typekit subscription. Adobe art director Laurie Szujewska created the font in 1993. She was inspired by rope letters decorating cattle brands and cowboy blankets. “The idea was to make each letter with one line that overlaps like a rope, rather than two strokes joined together”.

On the inside of the card I used Gabriola and on the back Futura Lt BT Light.

Gabriola is from the Microsoft foundry, designed by John Hudson in 2008. It’s a display typeface named after Gabriola Island, in British Columbia, Canada. It’s considered to be elegant, graceful and decorative. On the other hand, Futura Lt BT Light, from the Bitstream foundry, is a sans-serif typeface based on ancient Greek lettering. It has quite an extensive history, but I’ll leave it at that.

I got the cards printed by Vistaprint on 5″ x 7″ thick, glossy card stock.

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  • Typefaces: Giddyup STD, Gabriola, Futura Lt BT Light
  • Printer: Vistaprint


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