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One day I looked out the window and saw a beautiful shining pink light in the sky. As the sun set it shone brightly through soft pink clouds. In the midst of these amazing pink clouds was the most beautiful rainbow. I’d never seen a rainbow against a pink sky before. It was just so pretty! I snapped a photo over the top of our grapevine that grows on our pergola. I didn’t edit the photo at all in this image, I just put my text over it.

I had fun playing around with Freestyle Script. I gave it some hearts which double as angel’s wings, and a halo to replace the dot over the ‘i’. I adjusted the positioning of the letters, moving some up and down, as well as closer together (kerned it, basically). I added a decorative calligraphic stroke underneath the lettering. I really wanted the lettering to communicate the word ‘beautiful’ by being beautiful in its arrangement and form. I gave it an opacity blend of 100% soft light to show up the pretty pinks of the background. I gave the hearts and wings 50% soft light to give the text more prominence over the decorative elements. In the end, I think it was quite a pretty and fun design that highlighted the beauty of the natural scene I encountered.

I used it on my Twitter as a header image and on Facebook as my cover photo. I also shared it on my Instagram.

Beautiful - Typographic Design

Design & Copyright Info

  • Typeface: Freestyle Script designed by Martin Wait included with Microsoft Office
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator CC and iPhone 6 Plus 8-MP iSight Camera
  • Photography: Heidi Helen Pilypas of Heidi Helen Creative
  • Design Layout: Heidi Helen Pilypas of Heidi Helen Creative


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