Questionnaire – Facebook Package

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire for your FACEBOOK PACKAGE. A Facebook package includes a custom-made cover photo, profile picture and app icons for your Facebook brand / business page.

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Please include a link to your Facebook page if it already exists, and optionally provide links to your other social media accounts if you would like them incorporated into your design.
1. Do you already have a logo or brand identity to be used in the design?*
If NO go to 2
If YES go to 3
2. Would you consider getting a logo / brand identity designed by us?
3. Will you be able to provide us with the necessary files to create your Facebook package?*

Files include everything that you, a previous designer or photographer have created. We prefer to get logos / branding (and examples of previous design) supplied to us in vector format such as *AI, *PDF, *EPS or *SVG. If that is not possible we will also accept *PSD, *TIFF or *PNG (with transparent backgrounds). We may have trouble working with bitmap files such as JPEG, BMP, and GIF as the artwork has been flattened and is often low resolution and quality, however we may be able to work with what you have if necessary.

We like any images to be used in the design supplied to us at high resolution (300dpi). If you require photos to be taken or stock images to be purchased this will be an additional cost. You must have the rights to use any files you supply us as we will not be held responsible for using someone else's intellectual property.

4. Do you want your business / brand / organisation name incorporated into the cover photo and / or profile picture?*
5. Do you want your web address incorporated into the cover photo?*
6. Do you want your social media profiles (links / graphics) incorporated into the cover photo?*
7. Do you have apps installed on your Facebook page?
8. What apps (tabs) would you like icons designed for?
9. Do you need help creating your Facebook page?*
10. Do you need help installing apps on your Facebook page?*
11. Do you need help filling out the About section on your Facebook page?*
12. Do you need help with the settings for your Facebook page?*
13. What does your business or product do?*
14. Who is your target audience?*
15. Which value in each line would you use to best describe your business?

16. Do you have anything specific in mind for your design?
17. Is there anything else you want to tell us relevant to the design?
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